Feel Like Shopping?

It’s easy in the “blog world” to get overwhelmed or put off by the amount of materialistic posts. I never want my readers to feel like that but I DO love sharing deals, fun shops, and supporting companies that I trust. I hate malls but I do love to go shopping. Adam and I budget every month and are on track towards becoming debt-free so I’m not indulging myself every time I get the itch to shop. Here are a few ways in which I curb that desire to drop my hard earned cash:

  1. Online window shop. Seriously. I’ll fill up my cart after I carefully peruse my favorite online shops. Once I’m done…I click out of the tab. Nothing bought but yet I sort of feel like I did. Yes I am a dork.
  2. BLOG! Seriously, blogging about all the stuff I want actually helps. I’m able to share what’s currently caught my eye and hopefully you all will buy the stuff so I can’t!
  3. Fab.com! With Fab, you can gain enough credits that you don’t really need to pay for anything besides shipping. Through referrals and my referrals actually buying things, I’ve accumulated $185 and purchased over 16 different things including tshirts, prints, gifts, and magazine subscriptions.
  4. When I do finally save up for something on my wishlist, I usually turn to Amazon or Etsy. Amazon is great for things like books, 35 mm film, or household appliances. For everything else, Etsy has my #1 vote. Shops like SheTigerVintage and Pamplemouss offer vintage and handmade loveliness to set you apart from everyone else. Shopping local is also key. Support your community.
Other tips on overcoming that shopping desire?
  • Avoid Target. Okay…I literally spend $100 every time I go into that store!
  • Keep wishlists. It helps you sit on it for awhile and not impulse buy.
  • Know someone that can knit? Make home decor? Consider trading during the holidays.
  • Unsubscribe to all those “deal” site emails. Seriously. It’s just temptation you don’t need.
  • SAVE. Want that awesome shirt? Save for it. It makes you a better person. I don’t have proof, but it does.

December 2, 2011