December Birchbox Review

I got my December Birchbox last week and over the weekend, I finally got a chance to use the products and compile my review! First of all, I was really excited to see that they are donating 100% of all full-size sales to Baby Buggy (with a guaranteed contribution of $25,000). Okay, onto what’s inside:

  1. AHAVA | Mineral Body Lotion : Not going to lie, I absolutely cannot stand the scent of this lotion. I used a pea-sized amount and washed my hands afterwards. I will not be using or buying any more of this.
  2. amika | Obliphica Hair Treatment : I also did not enjoy the scent of this oil so I didn’t use it on my hair. Also, it had leaked in my box before it was delivered so my entire box smelled like this oil.
  3. Incoco | Nail Polish Applique : Ehh…nail polish strips? I guess I just enjoy using regular polish.
  4. Jouer | Moisturizing Lip Glass in Birchbox Pink : I actually really love this shade (it’s not as bright as it looks) and am considering buying some Jouer products with my Birchbox points.
  5. Prep ShowStoppers | Designer Fashion Tape : I have never had the need to use tape to keep my clothes in the right place but I’ll keep this around in case I ever need to!
  6. Recharge Eboost | Orange Natural Energy Booster : I actually liked the taste and could see myself ordering a few packets for those times at work that I don’t want to drink a Diet Coke or a coffee!

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with December’s Birchbox. I actually think I’ll be canceling my subscription for the month of January and signing up/giving MyGlam a try! I love that they’re solely focued on makeup but their website is definitely lacking. I love that Birchbox allows you to gain credits and even buy the products through their website. Have any of you tried MyGlam? If you’re a Birchbox subscriber, what did you get? Anything different that you love?

If you want to sign up for Birchbox, you can use this invite link (yes I get credits) or you can read my November review here!

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  • Heather P

    So my box had totally different stuff except boost and the lip gloss. I did love the boost powder stuff. I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt… in a good, but subtle way. I realized I was in a SUPER good mood- which last week was quite a feat. But it’s definitely a luxury item at $28 for 20 packets (or maybe not if it really improved my mood that much?) is one of the crappiest sites I’ve had the displeasure of using honestly. Ridiculous, even. However I did push through and purchased one month. As I sit here typing and thinking- that site was just awful. They really need to up their game- HIRE SOME DEVELOPERS AND UI FOLKS!! #endrant

    Next month, I’m going to try Birchbox AND MyGlam to see who I’d like to keep with for another few. I’m considering it my Christmas present to myself- oh and Julep Maven too.

    • Seriously, HP. Such a bad site. Maybe I’ll email them and tell them to work on that. Julep Maven has a great site but I literally get a few emails every day from them. ZOMG.

      I also liked the energy booster. I figure coffee and energy drinks would cost as much for 28…might be worth it.

  • I haven’t jumped on the Birchbox hype solely because I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews but MyGlam sounds a million times better, I just peeked at their December box on the website and it looks awesome! Maybe I’ll try them.

  • being a cheap ass who loves expensive makeup…i think i’m going to check out myglam, thanks for the heads up!

  • I checked out MyGlam, but they are sold out of subscriptions?! So I added myself to the waiting list…

    I have let my make up and hair routine slide since I stopped working and just freelancing and I have decided 2012 is about getting back out there and trying new products and really both sites provide me an opportunity to try new-to-me items, without running all over town… a bonus…

    • Oh no!! Sold out is sad. I agree with you Susan, I’ve actually never been interested in makeup. I use what works but nothing fun or new. I hope I find products that I love. Now I just need someone to teach me HOW to use it all :) I hope you get a MyGlam box soon!!

  • my birchbox had similar items but different brands and luckily, i really liked the scents! this was my first month so we’ll see how valuable it really is as time goes on. so far, interested enough not to cancel. :)

    • That’s good to know. I’m glad you got some good stuff! If it weren’t for the scents…I would really have loved the products.

      I may return to Birchbox in February depending on the MyGlam experience. After only two months with Birchbox…I received $40 worth of credits so that’s worth staying in my opinion!

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