A Holiday or Four

We were in Illinois visiting my family over the Thanksgiving holiday so we kicked off the “Christmas season” there. I love that shot of Desh and Veda (my family’s cockapoo) because they’re both looking in different directions–and not even at me! We were able to spend the Christmas weekend in Indiana with Adam’s family and this weekend we’re back to Illinois for Christmas #2!

Who decided to create all these holidays so close together? The photos were shot on my Minolta SRT-201 with Fuji film (400 ISO). Not a lot of shots turned out. There was weird creasing and a lot of grain. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I shot in a lot of low lit settings. Next week I’ll finally post my DSLR vs Analog vs iPhone post. I’m excited to share!

December 29, 2011