#NOPHO Week 4 : Negative Space

Week 4 : Negative Space. It’s my favorite week of the entire challenge. I loved seeing the interpretation and composition of each submission. I was glad to FINALLY shoot with film (weeks 1-3 I shot with my digital camera). My favorite from this week is Candace’s. AMAZING.

I can’t believe the #NOPHO challenge is over!! Can you? I’m planning to host a camera phone photo challenge in February so keep your eyes out for information! I’m not the biggest fan of camera photo photography but a lot of the phones have pretty amazing cameras now. I regularly use my iPhone to capture funny moments or places where it’s too inconvenient to carry around my heavier cameras. What are your thoughts on the camera phone photo challenge idea?

As for the winner of THIS challenge…I will hand over the reigns to Dabito and have him choose! I will announce the winner here on my blog next Wednesday. In order to be chosen, you must have submitted each week (four total photos). All four of your submissions will be considered. Along with the winner, I will also share some stats via an infographic (since I love making them). Thanks to all who submitted! I will be sending you a short survey soon. XO

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Comments (18)

  • Beautiful work, everyone! Joline, Kate, and Candace had my favorite shots this week. Gorgeous images.

  • Can’t wait for the camera phone challenge! My iPhone goes with me everywhere (as you know) and I’m always snapping photos. Though it will be tough to find subjects other than my dinners. ;) I think that quality phone cameras like the iPhone 4/4S are replacing point-and-shoots.

    Also, have you read anything by A Lesser Photographer? Interesting. He reiterates the philosophy that the best cameras is the one you’ve got on you.

    • Jess- I haven’t read that but I’ll take a look. Although I used my iPhone a lot in Nantucket, I really regret not bringing my film camera(s). But I do understand that obviously my memories will be tied with those images and my memory (which is awful).

      Good thoughts! I’m excited about a more casual photo challenge…

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m surprised you didn’t bring your film camera(s) to Nantucket. I actually brought mine with me to NYC but didn’t end up shooting once. It’s really a crap shoot sometimes.

        • Ugh. I still regret not bringing a film cam. I think I just spazzed as I was last minute packing before leaving for the airport at 3:40am. And I had a fear that the film wouldn’t turn out and then I’d ONLY have my iPhone pics (I brought my Canon Rebel). Excuses excuses. Dumb call on my part.

  • They all look amazing! Love Dabito and Drew’s.

  • this week is gorgeous!!

    kate, jon, drew, and dabito’s are my faves this time around.

  • I LOVE Kate’s photo…like, wantitonmywall love it!
    So bummed I didn’t join in this month!

    • You can have it on your wall! Merry Festivus! If you send me (katedjupe@gmail.com) your email, I will send you the file.

  • I think Kate’s photo is lovely! It could also stand for all 4 week’s themes in my mind. :)

    Thanks again for hosting this challenge! It was fun!

  • I can’t pick a favorite. They are all so lovely… Candance’s has me thinking of a poem and Kate’s is making me rethink white on white design…

    Everyone’s is so different and creative.

    I am ready and waiting for the next challenge.

  • Drew is my favorite this week. Trudy, Nicole, Kendra and Leash…very creative.

  • LOVE Candace, Jon, & Kate. Amazing work everyone!

  • wow…these are my favorite set so far! really loving candace’s shots!

  • Stunning photos this week!! By far my favorite round so far. Candace’s is magical and intriguing… I love the humor in Kendra’s…Leash and Kate’s are striking and beautiful… and Allie and Dabito’s are simple and yet still so interesting. Lovely all around!!

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