#NOPHO Week 2 : Comfy & Cozy

Hello, Week 2! You make me feel comfy & cozy. 20 photos total, all fabulous. I struggled with this one a bit. Perhaps it was my crazy freelance schedule, the lack of daylight, or wishing I had a cute kid to photograph. Obviously I love my little dog but I really love the shots this week with human subjects. My favorites are: Dabito’s, Sam’s and Kate’s. What about yours?

Next week’s theme is ELEGANT and is due Sunday by 8pm EST. Even if you haven’t submitted for weeks 1 and 2, you can still submit for week 3 here! Just another reminder, be sure to include the camera/lens info, your location, and your website EACH week you submit. It takes awhile to compile the post so all the information in one place shaves off a bit of time.

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