#NOPHO Week 1 : Arranged

November Photo Challenge Week 1’s submissions! What do you think? Have any favorites? I love Jon’s and Trudy’s. My shot was much more experimental than how I normally shoot. I tend to shoot film or digital with little editing. I decided to actually brainstorm and envision each week’s shot before the challenge started. It’s a habit that I want to pick up when it comes to writing or design. Did you plan your shot out? Or was it more impulsive/in the moment?

If it was provided, I linked each image to the provided website. Make sure to include a link to your website when submitting each week. I can’t wait to see all your submissions for Week 2! The theme is Comfy & Cozy and your submission is due by 8pm EST this Sunday. Even if you didn’t submit for Week 1, you can still submit for the next three weeks. You just won’t be able to win the prize (to enter into the contest portion, you must submit for all four weeks.) Happy snapping!

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Comments (29)

  • Great work, everyone! I love the sink, scrabble, and Robert’s sweater.

  • I love all these photos! Great pictures everyone!

  • So fun to see what everyone came up with! To answer your question, I didn’t thoroughly plan, but I knew what I was going to do before I did it. I haven’t decided what to do for week 2 yet.

  • Awesome photos, everyone. I especially enjoyed Trudy’s flowers, Joline’s rings, and Scout’s feathers. I’m always a sucker for feathers.

    Allie, one thing I wanted to mention, my camera model is actually spelled Yashica, not Tashica. It’s very possible I misspelled it in my submission. No biggy.

    Also, what typeface did you use under each photo? At first glance, I thought it was Baskerville Italic, which I love, but it’s not.

    • Oops! I’ll change that and update it when I get home. Probably my lame typing skills :) should have caught that!

      As for the font, it’s an italic version of one of the IM FELL types. I think they’re free at dafont.com. I use it for some of my sidebar buttons too. I’m really only a fan of it when it’s italic/capital.

  • Wonderful photos. Very inspiring! Who knew bagels could look so beautiful!

    xo, Anna of (Green Gable)

  • Love seeing them all together! Loving Scout’s, Leash’s and Jon’s but they are all so beautiful.
    I have no idea what I’ m going to do for comfy and cosy but my best friend is flying from London to see me this weekend and she has always been my guinea pig model so I’m sure we’ll come up with something.
    Thanks for putting in the time to put this together. This is what I love about the blog world. xx

  • AMAZING photos. The last one was taken from where I live! {Sacramento} :)

  • Lovely photos! What a great turn out for the first week. Yippee!

  • Love the scrabble photo and the cereal + flowers one.

  • These are all awesome. I think I nearly died of anticipation waiting for these to be up, but I was not disappointed!!

    I think my faves are Kathryn and Dabito’s.

  • oh yeah…i visualized each week ahead of time. of course, life gets in the way, so i didn’t get to use my plan for week 1, had to scramble up something last minute.

    but i’m hoping the other week’s pan out better for my plans! my plan for week 2 is tricky because of the wild nature of the subject ;)

    wish me luck.

  • Beautiful collection of submissions. I am not a professionally trained photographer so I love seeing the work and then getting the details of other photographers. There is os much to know and learn!

    I didn’t preconceive the subject of my photo… it just felt right. Next week, though, I plan to take a more organized, prepared approach.

    Thanks for putting this together, Allison! Love the idea.

  • courtnee

    fabulosity! in its finest. Candices scrabble is my fave! LOVE!

  • These are all fantastic! I was absolutely busting for them to appear today! My faves are yours, Allie, Trudy’s beautiful breakfast, Molly’s mad sink, Joline’s rings and Drew’s gorgeous candles. Love the assortment of interpretations. Roll on cozy!

  • I love them all. Since I am a poet and a writer I have to say the scrabble one has been the most thought provoking…

    But as with the last challenge – I love them all.

  • I love being a part of your challenge!! My favorites were Allie, Trudy and Molly but they really were all good. I submitted my cozy picture and can’t wait to see everyones entries next week!

  • I really like Scout and Drew’s photos.

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