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What’s on your list? Lately I’ve found that sharing book recommendations can either be a really fun conversation or a really awkward one. For example, I ask someone for a book recommendation and they suggest a really lame book. Then I’m left sitting there acting like it’s a great recommendation. Then they ask ME for a recommendation and I give them one knowing that they’ll probably hate it. But they have no idea. And then I wonder if they started reading it and figure that they probably now feel awkward because they don’t want to say they hated it. You know? See, this is why I don’t write a ton on my blog. I ramble.

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  • Love love love White Teeth and The Secret Lives of People in Love.

    I’m reading James Wolcott’s new memoir, “Lucking Out” and reading a book on fonts called, “Just My Type” and also have a book on cities called “Makeshift Metropolis” started too. These days I bounce between books, depending on my fancy. :)

    • I have read Smith’s “On Beauty” and am looking forward to “White Teeth.” I’ll be adding your reads to my list too :) thanks Claire!!

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