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I eat local. I shop local. I even design local. I love all my clients (whether they live near or far) but working with those that are local feels like you’re just helping a neighbor. I’ve been able to work with Andrea from Food Embrace, Megan from The Bibliophiles & Beverages Society, Mark from The Stansbury Law Firm LLC, Rachel from Hounds in the Kitchen, and Missy from Yellow Duck Cookies. All are passionate, talented and kind people living in Columbus, Ohio. I think it’s so important to support the community in which you want to live and establish your life.

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  • Hey! First time commenter. Love the way you design and that you know your way around typography. I’m learning. :)

    Actually I wanted to know if you knew why I can’t ‘scribe to your blog in Google Reader…maybe it’s just a glitch on my end?

    PS-Especially love that Yellow Duck design. I’ve been thinking about rebranding chalkboard style. We’ll see.

    • Hi Vanessa!

      Thanks for your lovely comment :) If you click the RSS button on the sidebar, it should let you choose how you want to subscribe. If not, you can put my rss link into your GR manually:

      And thanks for the compliment on Yellow Duck Co’s logo! I’ll be following your blog now for sure. You’re so talented!

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