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I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen. And enjoying coffee from the french press. Any recently new favorite recipes?

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  • Since you have a Kitchenaid mixer,make homemade bread. Its a challenge but at the end it will be well worth it.

    • Good to know! I’ve never made bread…only pizza crust. I’ve been wanting to try this squash tea bread! What kind of flour do you usually use?

  • Yo, I thought that last pic was some kind of peanut butter / chocolate concoction

  • WOOHOO for French press. Haven’t used mine in a while and this inspired me to bust it out again (it’s worth the few extra minutes).

    • It really is, Meg! Also, we stopped by Marshall’s last night (Like TJ MAXX) and they had 2.5 lb bags of whole bean Starbucks coffee for $17! Pretty good deal. We’ll just get them ground for french press at Starbucks or Kroger.

  • you have very pretty daily occurences. i really like your blog. i’ll probably comment on a lot of other stuff. ha.

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