Columbus Museum of Art

I recently spent an afternoon at the Columbus Museum of Art with my grandmother and Adam. It was my first visit and I really enjoyed it. While being a smaller museum, the quality of work and themed rooms really made the visit unique. My favorite pieces were those of Dale Nichols (top image: with his insanely smooth brushstrokes), Agnes Martin (middle image: I’ve always been a fan of hers), and William Wegman (bottom image: most known for his photography, he had one of those postcard pieces displayed). Do you enjoy art museums? I get a rush while walking through but I know it’s not everyone’s favorite past time.

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  • Ugh, I love Agnes Martin, too.

  • I really enjoy museums as well! I think my two favorites are the Museum of Modern Art in NY and el Museo del Prado in Madrid – two completely different focuses/curatorial approaches but neat, nonetheless. I’ve been to MoMA three times now, I think? It’s almost a ritual for me to go every time! I need to get back to CMA now that the reconstruction is done.

    • I LOOOOVE the MoMA. I went to a lot of museums in London/Scotland but none of them really stood out. What is el Museo del Prado in Madrid like?

      • Super nice! It’s a big, big museum like the Met (or so I’m told—despite having been to MoMA several times, I’ve still NEVER been to the Met!). Lots of classical artwork, but basically it runs the whole gamut from ancient times to modern stuff. It’s wonderfully curated though!

  • The updates to Columbus Museum of Art are fantastic, especially for families. I have been with my daughter three times and we still haven’t explored all there is to see.

  • I really like these three that you pulled out. They look nice together.
    I’m a bit iffy about art museums, ever since I overdid them that one summer I lived in Washington, DC. Free museums can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

    • Thanks Iris! Yeah, I’m sure it’s easy to get burnt out on museums. I saw a lot back in 2007 when I was in Europe and then NYC in 2008 but I sort of miss it again!

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