#30dayphoto : Let’s Break It Down

I love stats. I thought it was pretty interesting to break some of the details down. Especially the fact that there were WAY more dog photos than cat photos. (GO DOGS!) When compiling all the information, I excluded myself from all the totals and only used data from the submissions that made it into the daily posts on MY blog. Obviously, I know that a lot of you posted to your own blog and maybe even finished the challenge successfully but it would be way too much work to incorporate all of that data.

These are the 5 participants that submitted a photo EVERY DAY for 30 days to MY blog:

  1. Cobi – Columbus, OH
  2. Jon – Austin, MN
  3. Josh – Indianapolis, IN
  4. Megan – Indianapolis, IN
  5. Melissa – Columbus, OH
The day that received the MOST submissions was Day 5 (Whatever You Want with 35 photos) and the two days that received the LEAST submissions were Days 25 & 26 (Whatever You Want & Playing With Shadows with 14 photos each). Overall, I thought the challenge was amazingly successful and I was blown away each day at the quality and talent. Compiling and creating each day was a lot of work and I really had no idea it would take me about 1.5 hours/day to host. I think it was worth it. I have plans to host a few more smaller photo challenges in the future. You can view all of the days here or click on the sidebar button “The Challenges.”
In order to make the challenges even better, I’d appreciate it if you would take this 10 question survey. Feel free to take it even if you didn’t participate in the challenge and just enjoyed visiting the blog to see others’ work. I know a few of you on Twitter expressed interest in future challenges.

October 4, 2011