#30dayphoto : Day 30

Day 30: Yourself…30 Days Later. The 30 Day Photo Challenge is officially over! Can you believe it? To me, it went by incredibly fast and I can’t believe it’s October already. Obviously, compared to Day 1, there is a substantial amount of people that didn’t make it into this post but we still loved seeing all of your submissions. Meet the photographers:

1 Adam | 2 Jen | 3 Josh | 4 Megan | 5 Maisy | 6 Benji | 7 Chris | 8 Susan | 9 Bree | 10 Martin | 11 Joe | 12 Cobi | 13 Jon | 14 Nicole | 15 Melissa | 16 Candace

In a bit, I’ll be posting a fun infographic + a short survey for all those that participated or just enjoyed following along so be sure to come back in a few hours!

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Comments (9)

  • I love Benji’s!

  • i also like chris’ pic!

    i’m so sad this challenge is over…

  • It was a great experience meeting you all through your photos! I’m also kind of sad that the challenge is over, I enjoyed it very much.

    I don’t usually take photographs so it was “challenging” and fun at the same time. I almost didn’t make it to DAY 30 (that’s why there’s almost no Photoshop on my Close-Up) but I’m glad Allie extended it until late! :D

    There were so many amazing pics everyday that it’s hard to choose a favorite. Today I really like Candace’s, Chris’ and Maisy’s.

    Cheers to all of you!

    • Martin, I almost didn’t make it to day 30 either! I took my last photo on my computer. Ha how professional! :) But now that the challenge is done, it’s weird not to be taking a photo everyday!

      I loved seeing everyone’s variety and different perspectives. Loved the different interpretations too.

      My fav pic of this day is Allie’s :)

      • I’m so glad it was challenging for everyone! Doing something for 30 days straight is difficult so I’m thoroughly impressed with the turnout and enthusiasm. Oh and Meg, I like yours too. We totes did the closed mouth smile :)

      • But that’s a great picture, anyway! I had to crop mine to make it a less uncool! :D

    • It’s the Dinosaur right? :P

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