#30dayphoto : Day 18

These weekend posts always get up a little bit later than I plan but better late than never! Today’s challenge was to depict emotion (which in my opinion is the best subject). What do you think? Favorites?

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Tomorrow’s challenge: landscape. Interpret it however you’d like. Starting tomorrow, my schedule is changing. I’m picking more hours up at work and next week I’ll be on vacation. I’m extending the deadlines for the rest of the month until 12pm EST (like on weekends) but my blog post won’t get posted until that evening. So please submit your landscape photo by 12pm EST on Monday. Then the blog post will go up tomorrow evening. It definitely has it’s pros and cons. I think others (nonparticipants) see the post more when it’s published in the morning but this also allows you to be out shooting throughout the day (real time). I don’t think this will inconvenience anyone because you can still submit your photo as early as you’d like! Thanks for understanding.


September 18, 2011