#30dayphoto : Day 14

Today’s challenge was all about eyes. Focusing on eyes (to me) can take on a few meanings. I think this variety did a great job covering all interpretations and I’m glad a couple animals got added to the mix.. Also, I had someone ask if I’d ever consider placing the photos one after the other so that each photo gets the same amount of space. I completely understand this idea and it makes sense but for the aesthetic of my blog, I like to keep it as a collage format. I also like that my readers (no matter what the size of their computer screen) can see a portrait photograph in full and will never have to scroll. I hope that none of you have been offended if your photo has been sized down or placed next to another photo. I definitely encourage you to post your photos to this Flickr group so that you can include additional information (including camera type, location, etc).

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Tomorrow’s challenge: anything you want! These are always fun. Please submit by 9am EST tomorrow.

*I’ve also added a little badge to the sidebar so that you can easily access the 30 Day Photo Challenge list (this will change once a new challenge is started). If you don’t see it…refresh or clear your cache.

September 14, 2011