#30dayphoto : Day 13

This challenge was to submit a photo edit that you like. It could be of a recent photo you’ve snapped or perhaps an old one you’ve always been proud of. My photo (very top) is a shot I took on my Pentax K1000 last weekend. I added some touches of vibrant color and I really, really love it. It’s like that last glimmer of summer before fall hits. I usually keep my photos pretty normal, maybe a few tweaks here and there but I wanted to play with color for this challenge. How do you feel about editing photos? Do you feel like it enhances it for the better? Or the worse? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Tomorrow’s challenge: focusing on eyes. Submit your photos by 9AM tomorrow!

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  • allie, your shot is gorgeous! personally, i love running actions on photos to give them a different look. there are times it’s not appropriate, but i love that you change the mood of a shot in an instance….

    • I agree Cobi, as someone who just loves photography as a hobby…I love playing with actions and then learning from them (ie settings, adjustments) or even tweaking them.

  • personally, i am a fan of processing. obviously, ha!

    a camera’s light sensor is inferior to the human eye both scientifically and emotionally.

  • Editing can help people see an image the way I “see” it. I’d say it also really depends on the purpose of the image. When I shoot bird photography, I edit it for clarity but I want to keep it true-to-life. When I shoot more expressive photos, then editing almost has to be part of the process to show how that image speaks to me. I think Candace’s second statement is the best way I’ve ever heard it worded before.

    I think one of the biggest issues that can happen is getting hung up on making every image super contrast/vibrant/sharp or fringe/green-tinge/grunge or whatever. I still have to make sure that I’m asking myself why I’m editing a photo the way I am.

    • Jon- I love that idea. Always having a reason. I struggled with that concept when I took advanced painting at Taylor U. A lot of my abstracts were just random and I had a hard time placing meaning or being intentional with it. For me, it sort of overflows into photography.

  • :( My photo didn’t make it in. I posted it to the Flickr group last night.

    Love #1!

  • What a lovely set! I’m so sorry I didn’t submit. :(

    I’m back now! I hope not to miss any other day.

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