#30dayphoto : Day 12

This challenge is never about numbers, but dang! Only 18 submissions besides my own. I had a feeling that I would see a smaller number of submissions since this post really required you to take photos the day before or the day of. For the record, I have no problem with pulling from old photos to submit but I did always hope that people would use this challenge to actually be out there shooting each day. After talking to a few of the participants, I think I’ll be holding another shorter challenge in November that will focus on shooting real-time and sharing more details about the shot (what type of camera, where, what time of day, maybe even settings). Thoughts?

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Tomorrow’s challenge: a photo edit you like. This includes ANY photo you’ve touched up in Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Again, I encourage shooting real time but it can be an old photo. Please do not use any words or text.

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  • I’m sorry I missed todays! Mine is here anyway http://maisykuv.deviantart.com/art/Day-12-258048167

    I love number 1 and number 9 =]

  • Love the idea of the real-time shooting challenge + settings discussion. Could we still do film, so long as we shoot real-time in the previous month?

    Today’s challenge was tough!

  • I love the idea of a real-time shooting challenge + background information! With all of these great photos, I’m always wondering who/what/when/where it was taken – and also why the photographer edited as they did (or sometimes didn’t).

  • I really like #7 & #8. I think it’s fascinating how one time of day can make a place completely different than another time of day, not just in appearance but also in feel or “vibe”

  • Tough challenge today. Great job everyone!

  • Oops! Guess I misunderstood the idea. Thought it was supposed to be yesterday’s shot again with different lighting. I like the idea of doing a real-time shooting challenge with more detail about each photo. It’s been so difficult doing this all with my iPhone (had to sell my Nikon babies to pay rent when I lost my job this winter). Hoping by November I’ll have a real camera again and can participate with more comfort.

    LOVE photo #12.

    • Ah sorry for the confusion Allie! But I do love that shot of produce. I hope next challenge you’ll be able to shoot with a different camera, although yours have been awesome either way.

  • i’ve been shooting in real time for this challenge but yesterday was uber crazy & i didn’t have time to take a picture let alone two.
    planning on making it up today while i shoot for day 13. i’ll have it up on my blog by some point tonight.

  • I’m doing it in real time. As in, most days of this challenge thus far, I really dragged my ass out of bed around 8 a.m. to take the shot/submit. Lol.

    I really thought this challenge would get me out shooting for pleasure during the normal hours of the day, but I’ve been a total bum. From here on out though, I am using my dslr instead of my phone, and I am going to stop taking lazy pics!!!

    I also love the idea of a shorter challenge with more detail on the process! :D

  • #14 made me laugh. Thanks JSP!

    • Haha, good! My cousin and I made these “new toys” out of old toy parts when we were younger (inspired by Sid from Toy Story). I keep him around because he also makes me smile.

  • I am SO NOT a photographer and I really like this challenge. It has made me think. i started carrying my little camera and a printed out list of the days so I can get a shot when I need it. Almost all of my pics have been taken during the challenge (except 2 so far), so it seems to be going well.

    I love the idea of some info behind the shots. :) Everyday, I find myself wondering something about a pic.

  • # 7 and #8 are my favorite. I picked those before I even saw one of them was Jen! :)

  • Fail on my part. I tried to get my divider line centered. Not even close…haha.

  • Oh and as to real time shooting – after the first day, I decided not to submit unless I could do something I had shot within the last 24 hours. The bummer part about that is that I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I’d like as a result.

    I’d kind of like to see one (maybe shorter) challenge of shooting real time – but then maybe another one like this where you can submit from your “portfolio”. On one hand, submitting from your past work kind of takes the challenge out of it….but on the other, I want to show what I am capable of doing – not just what I had time to do on a particular day. *shrug*

  • I’ve been both drawing from the past couple months of photography and shooting in real time throughout the challenge. Unfortunately, some days have just been too overwhelming and something had to give, so I drew from my portfolio. Aw, now I feel bad! Regardless of who has been shooting in real time and who has been drawing from a portfolio, I have LOVED seeing all of the different techniques, perspectives, and interpretations!

    • Bree- I totally agree. No matter WHEN people are taking the photos, the submissions have been gorgeous and I love it!

  • I haven’t been able to take the photos for the past two day and won’t be able to do it for day 13 either. I hope I can be back for day 14.

    I’ve used some photos taken in the past but most of them were taken for this challenge.

  • I have missed a few days of the challenge because real life is getting in the way- lol. Working two jobs is sucking the creative life out of me.
    Toting around my Olympus from job-to-job is a scary thought. I was initially very excited about this challenge, but I’m disappointed that I’m not able to participate regularly.
    I’m hoping that you’ll host a similar challenge within the next couple of months.
    I really love the idea of sharing photos with information like camera settings/lens/what-have-you.

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