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It was a relaxing weekend here in Columbus. I walked around our apartment and took a few random shots. My makeup being left out on the sink, Desh’s toys (intact and destroyed) covering our rug, my two film cameras sitting in the bag, homemade huevos rancheros (OMG YUM), and our bed…that we probably make once a month. [all photos shot on my Canon DSLR]

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  • Oh my gosh, these are my favorite shots of yours yet! Really great feel and I just want to jump into that comfy bed!

    Are you pretty happy with how your Canon’s working for you? I’m purchasing one soon and these pics definitely have me thinking Canon’s the way to go!

    • Thanks Sharon!! I’ve been playing with film so much, I really missed the crispness and overall feel of my digital. I love Canon (used to shoot nikon) and I bought my DSLR last year and have been investing/saving in lenses instead of buying the most expensive body.

  • Ahhh i totally love your photo style! I also have a Canon DSLR, they’re they best :) Bit of a newbie photographer but I was just wondering how do you create the effect in image one where the centre is in focus and the rest is blurry? Also, do you edit your photos after? I feautured some of your stuff on my blog ;)

    • Hi Nam! Thanks for your comment! I get the centered focus/blurry image from my lens! I would look into buying a 50mm lens if you really love photography. I do edit my photos with a few tweaks to the color to amp it up a bit :) Hope that helps!

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