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Random blog title, eh? Oh well, maybe it got your attention. This post is about YOU, readers. I recently asked on Twitter, “What do you want me to blog about??” I got a lot of response but I thought I should ask the same question here on my actual blog. Above are two examples of what inspires me when I’m reading through my Google Reader. The top image (from Decade) is an absolutely lovely way to display detail. The bottom image (from Oh Joy!) is a great way to feature guest spotlights.

So let me know! What do you want to see on this blog? What kind of posts have you enjoyed in the past? I have a lot of ideas myself but as my readership grows…I want to grow with you!

Just an FYI, coming up this week (in no particular order):

  • 30 Day Photo Challenge official guidelines and a handy dandy uploader here on my blog!
  • Etsy shop update with new prints
  • Daily Occurrences

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  • I love ANYTHING you put on the this blog. Here are my favorites…and I’m real “special” so just ignore as necessary.

    1. DESH…omg he is so cute, you should shoot animals all day.
    2. Your photography, I love your photography even if its from your iphone :)
    3. When you post some of your design pieces. Also, I never could find you on etsy…some of us would like to buy your stuff!
    4. I love your display of the city. I love Columbus and love how you show it. I think you could also do a “when I visit XYZ” and post pics of things you’d like to see and do there. I loved your Vegas edits.

    Ok, enough from me! Courtnee

    • Ah Courtnee you’re too sweet! And I love it when you comment on my blog. I’ll keep posting photos (especially of Desh) and I LOVE your idea about coming up with “dream itineraries.”

      Also, I’ll be posting a link to my Etsy shop on Friday (finally updating my shop!)

  • As a new reader, I can assure you I’ll definitely be sticking around.
    I have you bookmarked and I visit every other day-or so. I love going through your archives, and your photographs are lovely. I’m really digging this photo challenge you have coming up. Perhaps you should have a continuous daily photography and/or drawing challenge? With ‘winners’ or something at the end of each month?

    Or just keep on keepin’. I love your blog as is.

    • CAS- Thank you so much for coming back! I love that and I really love your idea for an ongoing photo/drawing contest. Once I add the uploader tomorrow, it’ll be so easy to accept ongoing submissions.

      Hmm…now I just need to get sponsors for awesome prizes!

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