Photo Challenge Update

I’ve decided that the 30 Day Photo Challenge will take place in September! Since I’ll be shooting film, I’m going to start tomorrow (August 1st), finish by August 30th, and post starting September 1st. For those that want to shoot in real time/digital, you have a month to start brainstorming! If you want to post your shots here, I’ll have you upload them here through my blog (fancy, huh?). Below are the guidelines if you DO want to share your photos on my blog:

  • Make sure they are JPG format, 600 px wide
  • Feel free to edit as you like
  • No nudity or weird crap. Sorry, my mom reads my blog…I think.
  • No pressure to submit your photo every day. Perhaps just your favorites.
  • Send them by 9am EST the morning of!
I’ll repost this towards the end of August. Click here to read the 30 Day Photo Challenge and good luck to all you film lovers that will be shooting this month!


July 31, 2011