30 Day Challenge Series

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a few “Featured Post” tabs over on my sidebar (one of them being a 30 Day Challenge tab)! I’m going to (possibly) change it to something more generic so it will allow me to take on shorter challenges. You might be wondering, “What types of challenges are you talking about? Are you going to try to survive in the desert? Are you going to try and dye your hair different colors?” Um, maybe. But a few ideas that have been floating around in my head are pretty fun and I think some of you would enjoy them as well! Just a little FYI, August will be a photo challenge month so if you’re interested, I’ll be posting the challenge set by mid-July! Please comment below if you have any other challenge ideas!

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Comments (6)

  • This sounds fun! I wanted to jump in on your drawing a day challenge, but never got had the chance- I’m totally in for the photo challenge! Looking forward to it

  • I’m down for the photo challenge. Battle of the Lehmans!

  • Photo Challenge: The Gauntlet.

    I love seeing all of your work and if it is a challenge for others to be included, I would love to join!

    Other suggestions (that would be difficult for me):

    Reading x amount of books in 30 days
    Cooking a new healthy dish every day 30 days
    Write a novel/memoir in 30 days
    Meditating for 30 minutes per day for 30 days
    No shopping for 30 days (ahhh!)

    Or we could create one together similar to this? http://goo.gl/EuF6u

  • Obeekaybees so I have no suggestions but am totally in 100%…and I late commenting but you know I am your google reader ichiban!

  • All of your comments made me smile! So excited for this series!

  • Will editing be permitted?

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