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Time to order some film! Any recs?

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  • benji


  • Yay!! Love your blog!! My favorite film to shoot with is Kodak Porta 400NC or VC. Both have give you insane skin tones. LOVE them :) Cant wait to see what you make with it!

  • @Lonnie- I’m definitely going to shoot with Kodak Porta 400NC or VC. I also read on another blog that Fuji Pro 400h was nice. Eepp so excited! As always, excited to see your photos.

  • Great camera! I like Fuji Pro 400h and Fuji Reala. Kodak portra 400 is sweet too. Actually, even cheapy film ain’t bad either. Lately, I’ve been getting them developed at local drugs stores but they never do the best job scanning them. I mail them to Dwayne Photos sometimes, they scan at higher res with reasonable prices if you do process + CD only. I can’t wait to see your snaps! Have a wonderful weekend! :D

    • Ah thank you so much for all the great recommendations! I’m currently shooting my first roll with Fuji pro 400h so now I’m even more excited since you mentioned it.

      Still deciding if I’ll send the roll away or take it to Walgreens…I’m so impatient so we’ll see :)

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