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I spend a lot of time all of my time on Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest, comment below and I’ll try to send you an invitation. Seriously, you need to be on it. Anyways, they recently updated their logo and I absolutely love it. Here it is before, along with a sketch/graphic during the process:

“We needed something that seemed casual, but that also carried signs of careful craft. It was important to sense the touch of the hand in the forms, but to stay subtle. We also wanted it to carry a feeling of nostalgia, without seeming retro. The need for contemporariness drove many of the initial experiments, where I played with fully upright scripts, and tuned down the range of line weight variance. The bolder type also served well under the ever-present logistical issue that the logo would be seen almost exclusively on screens at only a few pixels tall, where small details don’t translate well.”

-Pulled from their blog, read the entire post here

The new logo (above) is great and I smile every time I log on. Oh wait…I’m always logged on.

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Comments (9)

  • Huge fan of the new logo. It goes perfectly with most of the content on the site, I think. I also just love Pinterest and feel they can probably do no wrong – ha.

  • I would love an invitation to Pinterest… I meant to get on a year or so ago, but didn’t. Should have!! I think the new logo is very friendly. :-)

  • you don’t need to send me an invite… I forgot I got an invite from my friend, so I’m on now. :-)

  • Thanks for posting…I love that P. Dragggggging my feet at getting into Pinterest though. I think I have TWO pins. I think.

  • benji

    very pinteresting.

  • Susan Besaw

    I would love an invite to pinterest if you are still sending them. Also, you have amazing taste.

  • Thank you Susan! I’d love to send you an invite–email me your email address to and I’ll send you an invite :)

  • I’ve been dying for an invite to Pinterest for weeks now! Every night I’ve been losing hours to this amazing new site! If you’re still ending invites, I’d be eternally grateful. :-)

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