It’s My Birthday

Today I turn 24 years old. Some call me old, some call me young. I’m just me.

*Photo found here.

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Comments (5)

  • Happy Birthday, Allison!! Oh, you’re a young woman…. I really enjoyed my 20’s… but I admit, my 30’s were way better! You’ve got a lot to look forward to!! :-) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! xox

  • You are YOUNG, omg. 24 seems like a lifetime ago…Happy Birthday! :)

  • I’m glad to hear it gets better with age. I do feel very young but I’ve always felt more mature than others my age while growing up. Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies!

  • Sorry I missed your bday!! Happy belated!!!! :)

  • No worries, Sharon :) But thank you!!

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