Icarus & Occident

Icarus & Occident is my new favorite blog. It’s a daily juxtaposition of photography and music. But in a way, it’s deeper than that for me. While reading, I’m sucked into the music, the lyrics and the visual. I really love this excerpt from their About page:

“This will all fade. And no, friends, your creations won’t last either. They, like your body, will be enjoyed for a few short years before inevitably eroding away with the rest of the earth.

So make them damn good.

You heard me. Make them so beautiful that the eyes of those around you shine with wonder. May your stories be so raw and captivating that audiences will weep. May your songs resonate from your chest so violently that crowds cannot deny your life was worth the blood in your veins. May your one-thousandth menial report be as thorough and thankless as the first. May your daily interactions be more than idle pleasantries and nods. May your words be few and good. May your actions be bold, out of love.”

Be sure to take a look, add to your RSS reader, and enjoy. I especially felt that little burst of emotion while listening to Dan Auerbach’s “Goin’ Home” while reading Jeremy’s thoughts on home. That’s what I love about blogging and if I can make my readers feel any type of emotion like that…then it’s worth it.

Well done Icarus & Occident, you’ve inspired me.


May 19, 2011