30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 17

Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite plant! Mine is a weeping willow. Obviously the leaves fall vertically but for this blog, it looked better horizontal.

Steven glanced at the list and thought today’s challenge was to draw your favorite planEt. However, he ended up subconsciously writing “PLANT” on his “PLANET” anyways so it works out great! Plus, I love his drawing.

Benji drew a Piranha plant!

Carley’s favorite plant is a Gingko Tree! She remembers climbing a huge one her in grandpa’s backyard. I love the pattern she formed.

And we have a new contributor today! Randi drew a Hibiscus flower!

Five drawings today! That’s the most I’ve posted yet. Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw just a doodle. If you want yours included in tomorrow’s post, just email me at hi@allisonlehman.com by midnight tonight!