The Search

It all started on Twitter. I said, “Best daily planner and best journals…give me brands! (besides Moleskine)” Of course, I received SO many recommendations and a few, “You mean…a planner with pen and paper?” I still rely on my iCal (we sync ours with MobileMe) but I need a place to make lists, jot down notes, and cross things out. Then, Kara to the rescue!

As you can see, this occurred on April 7th and I immediately placed my order with them. On April 9th I received it in the mail! That’s like…2 days!

The packaging is lovely, cute inserts and…ta da…The Little Otsu Annual Weekly Planner, Vol. 5!

So my search is over and I’m a happy girl. Go to Little Otsu right now and go shopping!

April 12, 2011