On Process

I took my portfolio site down awhile ago and set a date for a relaunch. “April 1st,” I thought. It seemed far enough away. So much time to get super awesome clients and photograph my work professionally…maybe even get pictures taken of myself so I look really cool and pretty?!

April Fools Day, ME. I had no idea the irony behind my little relaunch date. Future me was playing a joke and I’ll admit, it’s kind of funny.

Am I proud of what I’m showcasing at www.allisonlehman.com? Yes of course. Did I work hard? You bet. Is it everything I hoped it would be and is this portfolio complete? Not a chance.

But isn’t that the beauty in the process? That as an artist, my portfolio will never be finished? I’ll never have that moment where I say, “I will love this body of work forever and now I can retire and play golf.” (Golf? No, I meant get spa treatments.)

So my hope is that you can take a look at my work today and appreciate it and maybe visit again down the road and see it evolve.

Through this process, I’ve also realized that not only do I want to share gorgeous and handsome things here on my blog…but I also want to share my more of my random thoughts. Thoughts on freelance clients, finding your style, trying not to be EVERYONE’s designer, and how it’s okay to just have hobbies. Those posts will be coming very soon.

As for now, take a peek at my process and let me know what you think.

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  • I wasn’t sure how to interpret this at first. Initially, it sounded like an admission of defeat / disappointment — and I was going to say that when you’re repping yourself as an artist, you shouldn’t explain anything to anyone. But you followed through w/ something so true — an artist’s self-satisfaction is a bottomless pit.

    Just gotta keep doin’ you.

    And for the record,
    I’m down with allisonlehman.com

    • I can see how it sounded like such a downer post at first. I’m proud of what I’ve created but I wanted to share my struggle in the process. Lots of blogs only relay this happy facade and that isn’t real. But thanks for the compliment. It’s other designers encouragement and feedback that makes me better!

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