Have Less. Do More, Be More.

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest. I’ve heard it before…perhaps in the form of “Real Simple,” or maybe I realized it on my own while volunteering here in Columbus. Either way, I haven’t really done it until recently. I was creating my “24 Things to Do at 24” list (since my birthday is next month) and I usually write down everything that comes into my head that I want to do within the next year. While I was jotting down ideas, I realized that a lot of my “to dos” required acquiring more stuff. I need to DO more, not HAVE more. Luckily, with recently moving, Adam and I just gave away and donated SO MUCH STUFF. And guess what? We still have SO MUCH STUFF. So this is my mantra lately and I thought I’d share it.

You can download the iPhone, iPad and iMac version here and maybe a daily reminder will keep us focused on doing and less having.

*I couldn’t figure out who originally came up with this quote so if you have any information on that, let me know!

April 8, 2011