We’re packing a lot in this weekend. Off to Chicago to see family, friends, friend’s beautiful baby boy, and try to shoot film. I’m ending this week fully exhausted so maybe I can catch a few zzzz’s on the way up there. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for being patient while I compile lots

For those of you who can’t watch the video right now, a little script: George Bailey: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the […]

My anti-week was lovely. Nothing extraordinary happened but I was able to focus a bit more, spend less money, and exercise healthy habits. I also made a list of things that made me smile throughout the week. My goal is incorporate more of those things into my daily life. I’ll be blogging lightly until I [

I’m naming this week: ANTI-WEEK. For me, it consists of: 1. Canceling all social plans 2. No Twitter 3. Reading every night before bed 4. Working out every day 5. SLEEP 6. Making a list of things that make me smile 7. Making a list of things that make me frown 8. Attend my first […]

All pieces found on Circa Modern‘s site. I love their bio: I love this stuff, as much, if not more than anyone. I travel and seek out quality pieces that I feel will make fantastic additions to your home, office or studio. I am passionate at what I do and I love doing it. Each […]

I like the above statement. Sometimes you just have to go slowly…without stopping. Things I’ve been loving lately: 1. mmminimal. 2. This restaurant and branding. 3. The Coveteur 4. This blog. 5. This home.

The last week has included a lovely dinner date with my husband (LOBSTER!), saying goodbye to a pal, fondue at our friends’, new reads, locking myself out of our apartment, lots of walks with Desh, and working!

Last week I saw this pin on Pinterest and I instantly loved the idea. Starting May 1st, I’ll be taking the challenge and posting a drawing per day here on my blog each afternoon. If you’d like to do it on your own, please please do! If you’d like to share your drawing on my […]

On Sunday the windows were open and the breeze was whipping through our place so I thought I’d snap a few photos of our new place! We’re in a 4-unit brick building in a neighborhood called Grandview Heights. Um, actually we’re still considered Columbus. But you don’t care. A lot of our p

It took me two years to realize that I cannot be everyone’s designer. I seriously laugh when I think back to all the ways that I learned this lesson. Of course at the time I was probably ripping my hair out and threatening to “never freelance again.” And here’s the thing. I’m just

It all started on Twitter. I said, “Best daily planner and best journals…give me brands! (besides Moleskine)” Of course, I received SO many recommendations and a few, “You mean…a planner with pen and paper?” I still rely on my iCal (we sync ours with MobileMe) but I need a pl

Today’s Monday Link Love image found here. Isn’t that cover gorgeous? Love the colors, type, photography. The rest of my links are brought to you by, “the gimmes.” My birthday is coming up so I can’t stop creating wishlists. Hint hint, Adam. – I know I just bought a planner b

Life. Has. Been. Crazy. In all the good ways. Since the last weekend in March I feel like I’ve been running around at 120 miles per hour. We’ve moved, seen both our families, dealt with car issues, my BEST FRIEND HAD HER BABY, we’ve made time for our social lives, I launched my new site, [&hel

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest. I’ve heard it before…perhaps in the form of “Real Simple,” or maybe I realized it on my own while volunteering here in Columbus. Either way, I haven’t really done it until recently. I was creating my “24 Things to Do at 24&

I was approached by David Bushell, a designer based out of London, last month and he asked me to be a part of xheight. A portion of his email read: The concept of “what design means to you” would mean writing about your personal theory and experience in design. Nothing practical or directly relating

I’m in the process of setting up some amazing interviews and guest bloggers for this series and so this week I thought I’d share some of my own finds. A lot of couples that I meet want a wedding that is affordable yet has a lot of personality. Below are a few pieces that caught […]

I kept it simple. My logo? Not perfect. Some of the serifs are a little off and it has no rhyme or reason. But, I like it like that. I wanted to be able to hand someone my card (maybe scribble something on the back) and allow them to get a sense of how I […]

I took my portfolio site down awhile ago and set a date for a relaunch. “April 1st,” I thought. It seemed far enough away. So much time to get super awesome clients and photograph my work professionally…maybe even get pictures taken of myself so I look really cool and pretty?! April Fools Day, ME.