Monday Link Love

Who doesn’t love a little Mumford and Sons for their Monday morning? (or afternoon if you’re visiting from across the ocean!) I had a great weekend visiting my family in Illinois. This week I’m launching my updated portfolio site AND preparing to move for this weekend. Plus a social engagement about every evening. But HECK I’m going to blog too. You know…comments keep me motivated so be sure to leave one!

– I love this post over on Hula Seventy. Portland has double decker dress shops AND double decker grilled cheese restaurants?? I’m moving.

– What do you think of the typeface Banda?

– I love this post about bar carts (one thing I’m DEFINITELY having in our new apartment!)

– I’m also taking my Lola’s (grandmother in the Philippines) china cabinet and doing this next weekend.

– Look at this GORGEOUS church. Everything should be that beautiful.

– I found this recipe for Florida Avocado Summer Wraps. NOM. Can you overdose on avocado? Because I might.

March 28, 2011