How to Care for Introverts

A few weeks ago, Candace linked to this. I thought I would remind all my friends and family that, as Candace put, I do come with an instruction manual.

How to Care for Introverts

  • Respect their need for privacy.
  • Never embarrass them in public.
  • Let them observe first in new situations.
  • Give them time to think. Don’t demand instant answers.
  • Don’t interrupt them.
  • Give them advanced notice of expected changes in their lives.
  • Give them 15 minutes warnings to finish whatever they are doing before calling them to dinner or moving on to the next activity.
  • Reprimand them privately.
  • Teach them new skills privately rather than in public.
  • Enable them to find one best friend who has similar interests and abilities; encourage this relationship even if the friend moves.
  • Do not push them to make lots of friends.
  • Respect their introversion. Don’t try to remake them into extroverts.

Photo source unknown. Let me know if you know!

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Comments (8)

  • Great insight. It is amazing the differences between introverts and extroverts, myself being an introvert that people think is an extrovert.

    Will be using your list to remind myself to identify my clients personality to better fit their needs, thanks!

    • That is wonderful to hear, Shanna! I agree – most people don’t realize I’m an introvert but it helps me try to be a better collaborator when I bring on new clients!

  • I love this. As a fellow introvert, I sometimes wonder why we are such a mystery to the extrovert part of the population. You’ve probably also seen this article from The Atlantic, still quite popular although it was published back in 2003:

    Enjoy! carly

  • @Shanna- I get the same thing. People think I’m an extrovert because I’m friendly and don’t mind being social but a about being an introvert are the things listed above! Every single one is spot on.

    @Carly- Thank you so much for sharing! I haven’t seen that article until now. Thanks for the comment!

  • I need to send this to my daughters who keep calling me antisocial!

  • @Maddie- Do it!! It helps explain how we work!

  • How odd. People think of me as an extrovert but everything you have listed above I want myself. xx

    • I do think it’s common for most people to think that introverts are extroverts. We can still be very agreeable, social and fun!

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