Clothes for Your Laptop

Now that I’m the proud owner of a Macbook Pro again (No, not new. Just off Craigslist) I decided to go case hunting. Here are my finds! (1) Velvet Idole (2) Sivanna Design on Etsy (3) Ccommeca on Etsy (4) Kazzki on Etsy (5) Squark on Etsy (6) Matt and Nat

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  • You probably won’t need it as much since you’re going to get a case, but I’ve got an Invisible Shield scratch protector on my MBP, and it works amazingly. Just another level of protection if you like to keep your gear pristine.

  • Hi Allison – just popped over to your blog & the “fashion show at lunch!” post is adorable. I love your visuals. I wanted to ask though, how you went about buying a Macbook Pro from craigslist if you wouldn’t mind sharing a few pointers and am also curious if you’ve ever sold a used one. I’m looking to sell my iMac in order to purchase a MBP and am weary about moving forward since I’ve never done it and haven’t really found any useful advice as yet.


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