Team Cbus – Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge

I’m excited to be working with Team Cbus. What’s #teamcbus? Here’s a little excerpt from their website:

What’s better than five friends in a car?

Five friends in a Chevy, on their way to South by Southwest in Austin, TX competing against 10 other teams across North America, and doing work from some non-profits along the way.

Make it even better if the five friends are fiercely loyal to their hometown, and you’ve got yourself a show.

We are Team Cbus, and never have we been more proud to represent our city. We are a city of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and art. We like it homegrown, homemade, and homespun. We like our restaurants to be owned by our friends, our ice creams to come straight from our cows to our cones, and our beer to be micro-brewed.

I’ve been working on their logo and graphics for their website and I’m so excited to see what amazing things they accomplish.

February 11, 2011