Las Vegas

We’re going to Vegas next month! Our first time visiting. What should we do|eat|see? Comment with your suggestions!

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Comments (13)

  • The liberace museum is a must.

  • Andy and I went for the first time ourselves this past January. Bellagio Buffet is well worth the money just be prepared for 1 hour wait at the least.
    I loved seeing the MGM lions and that was free too!
    The City Center Mall is amazing for photos but all the boutiques are for millionaires.

  • jason (radiculture)

    IF this is your thing- I highly recommend a Saturday night visit to Hard Rock Casino. It just feels like a huge party.. unlike every other casino floor in vegas. I love talking about Vegas so if you want to chat about it more get in touch. :)

  • Cheri Allbritton

    I use to have a photo of that Vegas sign with the Rat Pack (ie.Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Bishop) standing around it. A customer tried and tried to talk me into giving it to him. The first time he DIDN’T ask is when I said he could take it home with him.

    You love art…so you have to go the Bellagio to see the collection of all things beautiful (and expensive) they have on display (casually and in special displays).

  • OMG! I have no idea…but I’ll be there for the first time too next month! 3/12! woot woot. Maybe I’ll see you? When you going? YAY…can’t WAIT to see your pics. FABulous.

  • We went July 2009 to Las Vegas and had a great time (it was really hot though – it won’t be hot for you!). Anyway, we went to see cirque du soleil. The show we saw was Ka. I highly recommend it. We bought tickets before we went so we we sure we got them. Hope you have a great time!

  • Erik Sternberger @(ZapThunder)

    I thought the Liberace Museum closed a couple months back.

    I am going for my 4th time, I think it is, and returning right when you leave. One thing: forget the myth of the cheep buffet. They do not exist on the strip. They are, imo, very overpriced and take too much time away from real attractions and amazing fine dining.

    Oh, and the one BIG piece of advice is “don’t go to (or talk to)any of the condo presentation people.” no matter what free crap they promise.

  • @Candace- I’ll check it out! Erik (down the comment list) said it might be closed but I’ll look it up.

    @Esther- YAY! Thanks for the suggestions. I can’t wait to take pictures.

    @Jason- Parties are a good thing. Feel free to message me with any other suggestions, I’ll DM you on Twitter if I have any questions.

    @Cheri- I can’t wait to take photos of my own–I’ll be sure to check out the Bellagio.

    @Courtnee- You’ll be arriving the day that I leave!! Boo. We fly out at 1pm on the 12th. I’ll tweet you while I’m there and send you any suggestions. Expect a couple blog posts with pictures once I’m back!

    @Gina- Yes I’m sure it won’t be as hot as summer, I think the temp will be around 69/70. I can’t wait! I’ve also heard we should go to Cirque Du Soleil!

    @Erik: I’ll keep the buffet thing in mind. Also the tip about the condo people haha. Luckily we’ll be with my parents and my dad goes there every year! Thanks for the tips!

  • I’m taking some of these suggestions! We’ll be there this weekend. I’ll let you know if we find anything awesome :)

  • Just went last month. You’ll love this – The Neon Museum. A “graveyard” for old Vegas signs. You MUST sign up in advance. As in … now. :)

    Food: Off the strip is better and much cheaper. Lotus of Siam was actually called the best thai restaurant in North America by Gourmet magazine. And it’s cheap! Just check the hours.

    Hash House a Go Go: didn’t make it, but really wanted to!

    On the Strip: Nobhill Tavern in the MGM Grand has a great happy hour and very good food. Service is not that great.

    Have fun!

  • Hey! I live here in vegas so for time visitors, here’s my Must See list:

    -The Neon Sign Museum (all the original Vegas signs conveniently in one place to get inspired)
    -The Stratosphere Observation Deck (a 360 degree view of Vegas thousands of feet high) here’s a trick for this one too, they normally charge about $10 or so to just head to the deck, but if you tell them you’re heading to the restaurant up there and checking out the deck before you eat, they’ll let you up free. Works every time :)
    -If you’re looking to shop check out 1) Crystals at City Center
    2) The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
    3) The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
    4) The Fashion Show Mall on the Strip
    -The Guggenheim Museum (I may have spelled that wrong lol)
    -Fast Lap (by far the coolest thing in town. It’s a mini grand prix like warehouse except the mini-racecars have actual racecar engines in them and you’re required to wear a helmut and suit, and have a driver’s license. It’s legit, but the most awesomest thing ever!)
    -if you have the extra cash check out the Helicopter rides-they have some that fly over the Strip and some that take you out to the Grand Canyon.
    -Shows (because that’s what Vegas is all about! lol)
    -Jersey Boys (super awesome)
    -Phantom of the Opera (super epic)
    -Blue Man Group (super funny)
    -Zumanity (super sexy)

    Hope this helps! Have a great time!

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