Google Reader vs Blog Lovin’

I’ve seen a lot of talk about moving your Google Reader subscriptions over to Blog Lovin in order to see the blogs in their native setting. Blog Lovin allows you to import your feeds into their site and then sift through them while visiting each blog directly. You can see the screenshot below. At the bottom is a small bar which allows you to view the next blog post, like the post, or exit out of Blog Lovin’ and stay directly on the blog itself.

So…cool right? Why am I even giving Google Reader a chance? Here’s why. I showed Adam this Blog Lovin’ amazingness and he says, “You know, you can do that in Google Reader, right?” Um no I did not. After he explains it, he shows me that in your Google Reader setting you can drag a “Next” button onto your browser and while you’re in Google Reader you click that “Next” button (it will be where your bookmark bar is) and it cycles through your subscriptions! See image below.

So why did I include these screenshots? Seems kind of pointless until I realized that when you use Blog Lovin, the URL at the top is still a Blog Lovin URL. Essentially, that blog is not getting direct traffic. When using Google Reader, it’s literally shifting to and from the actual blogs directly. Now, I don’t have proof or any research but it seems that for the blog owner, the Google Reader approach would be more beneficial when it comes to traffic and stats.

But that’s just me. I’ve decided to stick with Google Reader. I have so much starred, archived, organized there, and it’s just one click away from my Gmail. While using this feature of Google Reader, I’m more likely to comment on blog posts and “pin” my favorite images through Pinterest. Some things I didn’t like about Blog Lovin were the fact that when I imported my subscriptions the amount of unread posts weren’t accurate, it didn’t list the blogs without recent content, and it seemed to load each post slower than GR.

What are your thoughts? How do you manage your blog subscriptions?

*UPDATE: Now that Google Reader is no more, I use Feedly! But Bloglovin was awesome and contacted me and let me know that your blog does get a hit/traffic when viewing the blog via Bloglovin. So yay!

February 22, 2011