Get excited. My wedding series, One Day, is coming back this Wednesday! In order to peak your interest, I thought I’d dedicate this Monday’s Link Love to all things classy and all things wedding. Enjoy. From top to bottom: Christian Oth‘s amazing photography, adorable Chicago wedding invites,

After many requests, I’m bringing back my wedding series, “One Day.” However–I’m still in the process of revamping the series and making it something that will keep you all interested and excited. If you recently have gotten married or are getting married (or maybe you know the per

My little darling Desh is in a contest! He could be voted the Cutest Dog in Columbus!! The contest is being hosted by Danielle Neil Photography. Check her out! The winner gets a lil doggy photoshoot. How cute. We would both be extremely grateful if you would take a moment and vote for him here. […]

The past week in iPhone photos: We sold our iPad and I got a used Macbook Pro again (I used to have one before I bought my iMac) because I really need the flexibility and mobility to design while I’m away from the house. We were spoiled with 60+ degree weather and I got to […]

I’ve seen a lot of talk about moving your Google Reader subscriptions over to Blog Lovin in order to see the blogs in their native setting. Blog Lovin allows you to import your feeds into their site and then sift through them while visiting each blog directly. You can see the screenshot below. At the [&he

The photo above seemed extremely fitting. Adam washed my car on Saturday and I can hardly recognize it. All that dirt and salt has been washed clean and now my car actually sparkles! We’ll see how long it lasts! I felt so spoiled by the warm weather and today’s mere 30 degrees wasn’t doing it

I blame it on my love for Princess Di. Even after all these years. Growing up, I wanted to marry a Kennedy just because it seemed like the closest thing to royalty. Yes, I am a dork. Images link to sources.

Work is pouring in, I hardly have a moment to remember to sit up straight (finally seeing a chiropractor next week) but I’m staying inspired. I like making lists so here is my current, random list: 1. Only take creative clients. 2. It’s okay to say no. 3. CTRL+S OFTEN. No, CONSTANTLY. 4. Spend more

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d not only keep the Monday Link Love tradition BUT I would also give you something. You know…like a Valentine’s Day present. Because I love you. My “Love is a Choice” print has now been converted over to an iPhone, iPad and iMac b

I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hence, only iPhone photos to share this Sunday. It shouldn’t be that much harder to grab my camera but alas…it is. Here are a few bits of the past week when I’ve actually relaxed. Busting out my heels (and…gasp…my

Lately I’ve been inspired by big tables and maps. These two photos say everything for me. I might also add that I adore that little blue kitchen in the top photo (as well as the little bar cart/shelf over to the right). As far as the map goes, I recently received a modern Columbus map […]

I’m ridiculously excited about this Monday Link Love. I truly believe it’s the best collection of links I’ve EVER posted. And I want to thank the Superbowl for allowing me 4 hours of free time to plan it! I thought your Monday could use the links AND a little smooch from Marilyn. – This

I was perusing the Interwebs for some floral inspiration and realized that when done well, it can be a really beautiful thing. Growing up painting and drawing, I always had people ask me on the spot, “Hey draw something right now….on this napkin!” And I’d be thinking in my head, “W

Around mid-March I’ll be teaming up with The Rogue Magnolia to photograph my printed pieces. I’m excited about her creativity and extremely talented approach to photography. Here are a few pieces that have inspired me when it comes to my future shoot! Obviously they’re all very different so I&

After collaborating a few times here in Columbus, participating in an awesome photoshoot, and meeting such talented professionals, ALL I WANT TO DO IS COLLABORATE. Of course, as an artist, I enjoy working by myself as an individual artist but something within just wants to share the experience. SO, if this idea

If you know anything about me, you know I have a huge girl crush on Nicki Minaj. Yes, quite different than my last girl crush (Natalie Portman) but hey–who says I have to have a type?

But you’ll always be a dork deep down. You just might not always look like a complete dork. Or, you will because 15 years from now you’ll still wonder why you wore that ugly dress or how your head could possibly be THAT big. I thought I’d share from personal experience. Tee-hee. I give you&#82