Welcome, December!

I’m not going to lie to you. I put up the Christmas decorations the day before Thanksgiving so that when we return home from travelling, it’s all done and filled with holiday cheer. When are you planning on decorating? Or have you already?!

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  • Joshua and I just bought our live tree last night and decorated :) Love the cozy feeling of a lit-up tree when all the house lights are off!

  • Brittany

    Haven’t decorated yet… our decorations are still in my grandma’s basement, but I’m dying to get them out. You’re place looks super festive! I bet it’s cozy. I love your “Allie and Adam 2009” ornament on your tree – super cute. Great job!

  • @Meg: That’s so fun!! I love it too. Makes it feel so homey.

    @Britt: You gotta get those out of the basement! Can’t wait to see you guys on Thursday!

  • My mom totally does that! In fact, when we went home for Thanksgiving this year it was already decorated because she knew we would miss Christmas at home this year! I need to get all of my decorations up…

  • @Theresa: That’s so sweet!! I hope you guys had a great trip. I’m so excited to see my family over Christmas.

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