You guys, this is still really hard for me to talk about. I’ve had this purse [above] for a year and a half. That’s almost 550 days. So many memories. So many great places it’s been. So many hours lost of my life where I couldn’t find my keys, or my wallet, or my money, or my work I.D badge. So much time. Wasted.

As you can see, I was being sarcastic when I said this was still really hard for me to talk about. I feel like a new person. Look at all that crap I had in there? That would be:

  • A coin purse
  • Face wash towelettes
  • 4 tampons
  • Various pencils, pens, and markers
  • Pain reliever
  • 2 tubes of chapstick
  • Coins NOT in the coin purse
  • Hair ties
  • SPF 30 Face Wipe
  • A parking ticket
  • Mints
  • 20 sheets of paper
  • A Moleskin journal
  • My work I.D. badge
  • A baggu
  • My wallet
  • My keys

Not to mention that I sometimes would put my Canon DSLR, a novel, and perhaps a scarf or a change of clothes in my purse throughout the day. So I had this thought: DOWNSIZE.

AND IT ALL FITS IN HERE! I’m a new woman. Of course, I had another brilliant idea to keep a tote in my car with any extra essentials I may need from time to time. It works. Perfectly.

P.S. I’m now in the market for a slimmer, thinner wallet to fit in here. Any suggestions would be fab. Never mind! Found one!

P.S.S. Sorry for the nasty carpet photos. Someday I’ll have hardwood.

December 14, 2010