do you know what i love?

when you are seeing one of your favorite bands play live, and they play a song that you’ve listened to so many times before in solitude, either at home or in the car or while walking down the street on your headphones. and there’s that moment in the middle of the song where the key changes or the music swells, or perhaps the music stops and there is a just a solo vocal, quiet and steady. and you always pause, your chest swells a little bit … you love this part of the song. but here you are, seeing the band play it live, and the moment comes and it’s bigger than you remember, and everyone else in the venue feels it, too. and suddenly you realize that this moment has not been your private moment all that time, but you share it with so many other fans. it’s like this instant connection with a roomful of strangers.

i love that.

– Brian from The Blue Hour

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December 26, 2010