Daily Occurrences (iPhone edition)

This week went WICKED fast. I took on some new responsibilities at work which makes time fly. A little bit of my week (visually) for you. I forgot my makeup at my in-laws and so I realized that I have a lot more freckles than I remembered. I slept in on Sunday which was glorious. Then it got FREEZING, so I now love my boots. I also reserved some great reads thanks to Jen’s new book blog (CHECK IT OUT!). Also, I drink lots of water and food that is greasy. Nom. Oh and my dog is the cutest.

Have a great weekend. xo.

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  • Brittany

    Hey girl. You need to get yourself a reusable water bottle. It will be like giving the earth a kiss on the cheek. :)

    • Hehe. I have one but I also re-use that Evian bottle now because it’s bigger than my reusable bottle. I know people say you shouldn’t reuse plastic bottles but there’s only so much I can remember ;)

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