I rate 2010 with a 10. Here are some of my favorite moments. Of course, those aren’t the only wonderful memories from 2010. There were so many others that involved our friends and family. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do know that I’m SO excited for 2011. I have goals and ide

I have so many reasons to be thankful that do NOT include gifts or any physical object but I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this Christmas. The top photo is my Lola’s (grandma in the Philippines) from the 1950’s. It was left in her house after she passed away and my parents [&hell

Travel. Celebrate. Travel. Celebrate. Travel. Home. Lots of Christmas cheer this weekend. We were in Illinois for the holiday and we were able to see lots of snow! It was great to see family and friends but I’m glad to be home to usher in 2011. What has been your favorite moment from 2010? I’ll [&he

do you know what i love? when you are seeing one of your favorite bands play live, and they play a song that you’ve listened to so many times before in solitude, either at home or in the car or while walking down the street on your headphones. and there’s that moment in the middle […]

I want the typeface Buttermilk. Buttermilk is the first font from illustrator/designer/typographer Jessica Hische. It’s a wonderful display script that is feminine but bold. It’s equipped with decorative caps (which would make great drop-caps), fancy numerals, and a far too extensive array of ligatures (aut

Not literally flying (or even in an airplane) but I HAVE been all over the place. We celebrated Christmas with the in-laws this past weekend, on Sunday I was honored to be a part of a fabulous photoshoot that will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio (more on that later), and yesterday I made [&helli

I want the typeface Breathe. Reaching a total of more than 1000 glyphs, Breathe Pro is Maximiliano R. Sproviero’s gift of the year. The aim of the designer was once more to give the user the chance to play and travel from very formal and conservative letterforms to the amazing world of swashes and flourishes.

I thought everyone’s Wednesday could use a little bit of an “awwww” moment. Here are four of my favorite dogs. All cockapoos. From top to bottom: Veda (my family’s dog), Desh (my dog), Violet and Oliver (my friends’ Megan and Josh’s dogs) and then me and Deshie!

You guys, this is still really hard for me to talk about. I’ve had this purse [above] for a year and a half. That’s almost 550 days. So many memories. So many great places it’s been. So many hours lost of my life where I couldn’t find my keys, or my wallet, or my money, […]

We finally got a lot of snow yesterday. Unfortunately, we were traveling while it arrived but we’re safe at home now! Hope your weekend was great. This week’s Monday Link Love is a selection of photographs that I absolutely adore. I hope you do too. – Abbey Road, before crossing – Laura

I went to Mouton this past week with two friends. It was lovely and I can’t believe it took me so long to visit! Visit their site here or their Facebook page here to see more photos.

I want the typeface Kammerlander. Kammerlander is a sans typeface with a distinctively strong thick/thin contrast. It’s based on Messner– a hairline font with a constant stroke weight, so their combination looks very natural. They look great in fashion magazines, in the expansive world of beauty and glo

[clockwise from top left: Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss, Nambu Ironware Tape Dispenser, Convertible cuff gloves by J.Crew, Properly Patterned Throw via Anthro, Stanley Bostitch AntiJam Standard Booklet Stapler on Amazon, Blackman Cruz Two Tiered Bar Cart.] Also here are some other gift guides from Rifl

My weekend was wonderful in the sense that it went by slow and relaxing. I cooked breakfast AND dinner on Saturday (breakfast acted as lunch too). I also finished Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply which I highly recommend. VERY intriguing and totally threw me for a loop at the end. I finished it in 2 […

Happy, chilly Morning to you! Hope you’re all bundled up and keeping warm. Or maybe it’s not too cold in your neck of the woods. I thought I’d dedicate this link love post to staying cozy! Enjoy! – These mink faux throws are marked down to $99! – Desert boots from Free People are c

We’re enjoying a weekend at home before our weeks and weekends get dominated by all-things-Christmas. Hope to get out and use my camera, read, and try a few new recipes. What are you up to this weekend? [Above: Olentangy River near our apartment, apartments near the public parking lot, and the Short North

This week went WICKED fast. I took on some new responsibilities at work which makes time fly. A little bit of my week (visually) for you. I forgot my makeup at my in-laws and so I realized that I have a lot more freckles than I remembered. I slept in on Sunday which was glorious. Then it […]

I stumbled across Sean Pecknold’s work the other day. Here are two of his videos (one for Beach House and the other for Fleet Foxes). Great music and great visualizations. Visit his site here.

I want the typeface Monroe. Fashionable and Rocker, Monroe is a font that can be given different uses for its wide variety of alternate types, which makes it an ideal font for titles, magazines, posters, logos, etc. Its main virtue is the endless number of possibilities that the font gives to write a word, tex

I’m not going to lie to you. I put up the Christmas decorations the day before Thanksgiving so that when we return home from travelling, it’s all done and filled with holiday cheer. When are you planning on decorating? Or have you already?!