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Too many photos? I don’t know the etiquette of photo posting but there you have it. This pretty much sums up the past week. I went into a Half Priced Books for the first time in my entire life. I wish I had a separate bank account strictly for books and records (and maybe a few VHS tapes?) I had to visit Dirty Franks to try their Franksgiving dog (mashed potatoes and stuffing. hells yes). A new Jeni’s opened about 5 minutes from our house. It’s gorgeous inside and they have a new seasonal flavor called, “Sweet Potatoes with Toasted¬†Marshmallows!!!!” (I added the exclamation marks.)

I’ve been sketching out our Christmas card design for this year. A few of us on Twitter are starting a local Christmas card mailing list and I’m so excited. I also have been enjoying a few dance parties ever since Girl Talk’s All Day came out last week. I think I hurt my shoulder while dancing but it’s totally worth it. And Desh has been as cute as ever. There’s my update. What have you been up to? If you’re a regular reader of my bloggity blog, leave a comment so I can say hi or follow YOUR blog.

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  • OH!!! I LOVE this post. I’m dying over the tones in your pictures!! What do you shoot with? Do you use action sets? Fill me in! :):)

    I should probably think about doing a Christmas/Change of address card. Ugh. Another thing to tack on the to-do. Is a well-designed e-card totally tacky?? I’m thinking it might be. Boo. haha

    • Aw thanks :) most of those shots were taken on my iPhone or my Canon DSLR! I use an action set since im not a real photographer hehe.

      This will be the first time I send out really Christmas cards (if I don’t procrastinate it like last year). You should send printed cards! Yours would be so awesome!!!

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