Grey Gardens

“Here, I’m mother’s little daughter.  In New York, I see myself as Edith.”- Little Edie

I  watched Grey Gardens on Halloween this year (the original 1975 documentary). My mom has always been a fan of this mother/daughter duo for quite some time but I never watched it with her. The three photos and video above are the original Big and Little Edie. The documentary is about an old mother and her middle-aged daughter, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion in East Hampton.

While watching it, I was so amazed at how outward beauty fades and the mind goes as time progresses. Hopefully soon I can watch the most recent film. The two photos and video below are of Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange portraying them in the 2009 movie Grey Gardens.

Have you seen the new Grey Gardens? What were your thoughts? (PS How beautiful was Little Edie back in the day?!)

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Comments (4)

  • My mom was just telling me to watch this! Now I must. Who knew our mothers were so similiar … makes sense :)

  • Either way- we’re still so alike. Even cities apart!

  • Aunt Jennie

    The documentary is mind boggling. The movie answers many questions or atleast fills in some blanks. Drew Berrymore becomes Little Edie. Both versions very haunting.

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