I wouldn’t…but if I had to….

I would never want to plan my wedding day all over again. I don’t do well with planning large scale events (especially over the period of 10 months!). My taste changes too frequently and as soon as I made any “official” decisions regarding the day, I changed my mind a few weeks later but bit my tongue in order to keep the process smooth and easy. If a time machine was ever invented and someone MADE me re-plan my wedding, here are a few things I would draw from as inspiration.

From top to bottom:

1) I would get engagement pictures taken. I don’t like hanging or framing lots of wedding photos in our place. I always want something more casual. More us.

2) I would get married outside. Better lighting, more beautiful, and no reason to decorate much. Of course, our wedding day was about 100 degrees so that would not have been fun. I sweat. A lot.

3) More casual! I wouldn’t wear a full length gown and I’d love the men to wear vests or something less stuffy.

4) More DIY at the reception and something more relaxed with homemade style food, lemonade and lots of windows.

5) Vinyl.

Of course, the only thing I wouldn’t change is the man that I married. Love you Adam!

October 17, 2010