Monday Link Love

– I could definitely go for a few items over at Jigsaw London.

– I could also go for a vacation here.

Rachael recently wrote about “Things We Say We Want.” Very encouraging.

– I want kids if they’re this cute.

– I work for the Department of Natural Resources so I see these a lot. But I also want them all.

– Adorable paper gift toppers over at Evie S.

– The frame hanger. Better than hooks!

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Comments (4)

  • Thanks for highlighting the gift toppers! So glad I found your blog, it’s beautiful!

  • Thanks Allie! I know, right? We all need to talk loudly about saving up for great things.
    Btw, those Love, Taza headbands are beautiful! Good find, I think I’ll post one to my svpply.

  • I agree, Rachael. Saving isn’t often talked about. Adam and I are currently trying to pin down some goals. Sometimes it’s better to save when there’s something in the end!

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