Be Obvious

Life is precious and you never know when you’ll lose someone you love. Today is September 11th and my thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones nine years ago today.

Last week, my Lola (which means grandmother in the Philippines) passed away unexpectedly. I was gone for the past week and was able to spend time with family and grieve. We found a pile of letters, pictures, and newspaper articles that my Lola kept throughout the years. She had kept a letter that I wrote to her while I was in college, a newspaper clipping that announced that I had made homecoming court, and had printed out pictures of my artwork that had been posted online.

Through this loss, I’ve learned that what you care about should be obvious to everyone else. The pictures you choose to frame, the letters you choose to keep, and who you choose to call regularly are all very reflective of who you are.

Photo of me and my Lola from 1987.

September 11, 2010