My “Is it summer or fall” Wishlist

Okay, here’s the thing. I honestly haven’t gone shopping in SO long. If I were to go shopping, I would probably head over to Forever 21. Forever 21, as an establishment,  not only overwhelms me but it sort of gives me a headache. I find a lot of items online that I love but couldn’t, for the life of me, find it in the store. Anyways, here are my finds: Slub Knit Tunic, Basic Striped Tee, Zipper Flap Clutch, Draped Pocket Lyocell Skirt.

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  • Everything is dope, and yet so AFFORDABLE! Hmmm.. no wonder I used to see so many yellow F21 bags on Michigan Ave —

    • Ha! I know, right? It’s the cheapest stuff around. This fall I need to just dedicate a solid 2 hours and try to find stuff that I want. They have a guys’ section too!

  • Ha this is so true. Forever 21 is amazing…and incredibly overwhelming. I try not to go there too often or else I find I have no money left to my name…

  • Once again, I’m inspired by your consistent blogging. In fact, so inspired that I updated my blog. ha! Thanks :)

    Hope to see you, Adam & Desh soon!

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