Okay, here’s the thing. I honestly haven’t gone shopping in SO long. If I were to go shopping, I would probably head over to Forever 21. Forever 21, as an establishment,  not only overwhelms me but it sort of gives me a headache. I find a lot of items online that I love but couldn’t, [&hellip

– I want these outlets in my house! USB plugs. Win. – I’d probably spend more money if I had a Pantone VISA card. – I love my wedding band. It’s simple and it’s silver. But lately I’ve really loved the gold bands. – So proud of Jeni’s for being named one of

– Incredible picture from Gothamist.com. Crazy storms hit Brooklyn (and here in Columbus) on Thursday. I personally love storms so this photo isn’t too depressing for me. If it is for you….I apologize! Just be glad it’s not like this today. – I agree with Caroline. I could live in

I’ve had a few recent design graduates ask me a few questions about freelancing. I love being able to give advice or any tips that I’ve learned over the past three years. I also thought I’d share a few tools that I currently use to make freelancing a bit easier. 1. Invoicing: Curdbee ($5/month

LOVE these wedding invitations. I can’t wait until I can design my next set. Until then, I will admire these. Invites by Mitchell & Dent. Invites by Julia Kostreva. Invites by Unruly Things (aka Alyson Graves Brown).

– I could definitely go for a few items over at Jigsaw London. – I could also go for a vacation here. – Rachael recently wrote about “Things We Say We Want.” Very encouraging. – I want kids if they’re this cute. – I work for the Department of Natural Resources so

Life is precious and you never know when you’ll lose someone you love. Today is September 11th and my thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones nine years ago today. Last week, my Lola (which means grandmother in the Philippines) passed away unexpectedly. I was gone for the past week and was

From top to bottom [rubyrhino1’s Retro orange painted 60s sideboard, BootsNGus’s UpCycled Recycled Repurposed Reused Retro Soft Aqua Blue Candlesticks – Set of 3, and thehappyhenvintage’s Enamel Double Boiler.]

Beautiful, beautiful pieces. The top image is from DesignYourHome’s shop : Burcley Blue stripe, Handmade bed linen, Duvet cover. The Teak Salad Serving Set is from thewildplum’s shop and the Mod Spot Vase can be found over in shoshonasnow’s Etsy shop!