Some of my Etsy favorites. A leather clutch via valhallabrooklyn, a set of red luggage via redpopshop, and purple carry on via thevintagesupplyco. Someone please buy them. So I don’t.

I spent my weekend helping friends move, however, I wish I had been sleeping like in the photo above. So many links for you this week. Enjoy! – Pink and Gold wedding invitations…*sigh*…I love them. – I’ll let you know if this is delish later. Ice cream + anything can only be wonder

In honor of Mad Men Season 4 starting tonight, I thought I would dedicate this post to our favorite advertising executives and all things Mad Men. I’ve stumbled across so many articles this past week about the wonderful show and thought I would share. Enjoy! A Roundup of Mad Men Style via Apartment Therap

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally getting some art on the wall. Pictured in the top photo are three 24″ x 36″ posters. The two posters on the end are designed by my pal Kellyn Walker. The poster in the center was one that I designed. We both designed them during […]

I shot an entire roll of film on my Canon EOS Rebel X and then developed them last Sunday. These were some of my favorites, edited in Photoshop. Click on them to view the originals on Flickr. What is your opinion? Edited photos or the original? I’m partial to both.

Hello world. I hope your short weekend felt longer than usual. The photo above was found via Pinterest but originates here. – Jellyfish inspiration. – I love Gwen. I just saw “The Talented Mr. Ripley” at the drive in and she’s great. I may also be biased. I’ve seen Coldplay s

I received a lovely package from my friend Kellyn yesterday. It contained all sorts of treasures and it made me miss her all the more. Inside I found a custom West End Market Baggu, a handful of Madaket Beach matches, a bar of Beekman 1802 soap (Mint+Rosemary), a package of Nat Sherman Fantasia lights, a [&hell

I recently got an invite to join Pinterest and I all I can say is – wow. I love it. It’s like a visual explosion of goodness. Also- I have 2 invites. Any takers?

I don’t really like jewelry. I want to. So I’m trying. But I got a new watch at Tigertree last weekend. The brand is Too Late. Very fun. Very me.

[In somewhat of a clockwise-type order: OBEY Attack in Black Bandana, Crosley Archive Portable USB Turntable, Hanging Flower Vases, Ceramic To Go Cup, Set of 6 Stacked Rhinestone Rings, Lomography Diana Dreamer Camera. All from Urban Outfitters]

I made a to-do list. 23 things to do during my 23rd year. No- I didn’t share it on my blog. It’s personal. But I don’t mind sharing a few. One of them was: read one book a month. These six books are on my list for the rest of 2010. Six months left in […]

– A useful way to manage your Twitter account and who you follow. – A blog post devoted to corn?! My favorite food! – I love Young House Love’s suggestions for keeping mementos and personalized decor throughout your house! – One of my goals this year is to make homemade pizza crust

I loved getting this picture in a text message this weekend. I designed the t-shirts for Seedling Theatre‘s Summer ‘Lovin’ Theater’ Camp. The camp will be geared toward special needs kids and young adults and I know that Donna Anhalt will do a wonderful job. Good luck, Donna!

I just snagged a Canon EOS Rebel X off Craigslist for $40! I’m excited to shoot with film again. That’s how I learned back in high school.

I’m currently collaborating with a developer to launch the Infinity Salon full website. As you can see, the colors, style and overall feel of the site has changed since the temporary splash page was launched last year. The bottom screen shot represents the current color scheme and style. Once the full sit

I usually share links on Mondays. But today is my Monday and a hot one outside. After a four day weekend, I am ready to get back into a routine and get things done! I hope your 4th was fantastic. Enjoy the links! – 15 very funny posts & links about freelancing. – God said, […]

It’s a common fact that when you list things like favorite music, favorite television shows, or all-time favorite movies, people are bound to judge you. Heck, I do it! BUT I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite TV shows in hopes that you’ll share yours and give me recommendations! So