My how we’ve grown

Adam and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. I thought I would dedicate this blog post to him and how, after a whole year, I’ve become much more like him.

1. I enjoy watching almost any type of sporting event. Just not football.

2. I respect Eminem much more as an artist.

3. I can eat pizza anytime, anywhere.

4. I realize when I leave the water running while I brush my teeth.

5. I’m much more cynical. And analytical.

6. I so much more aware of God.

7. I’m learning to accept others’ differences and be a patient person.

8. He motivates me to always be reading a new book. Although, I fail miserably.

9. I sunburn now. I blame him.

10. I love podcasts now. That’s huge.

So, thanks babe. I hope to become more and more like you everyday.

June 27, 2010